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  • Facial Waxing

    Lip Wax£4.00
    Chin Wax£3.00
    Side of Face£6.00
    Eyebrows Shape and Trim£7.00
    Full Face with Eyebrows£18.00
    Full Face without Eyebrows£14.00
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    • Body Waxing for Ladies

      Under Arm £8.00
      Half Arm £12.00
      Full Arm £16.00
      Half Leg £14.00
      Full Leg £19.00
      Bikini Line Low £8.00
      Bikini Line High £10.00
      Bikini And Full Leg £25.00

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      • Men’s Waxing

        Full Back £18.00
        Half Back £12.00
        Stomach and Chest £20.00
        Half Leg £17.00
        Full Leg £22.00

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        • Eyelash and Eyebrow Treatments

          Eyebrow Tint £6.00
          Eyelash Tint £9.00
          Eyebrow Shape and Tint £12.00
          Individual Eyelashes £15.00
          Eyelash Lift £30.00
          Eyelash Lift (With Tint) £35.00

          Please note a patch test is needed 24 hours before all eyelash and eyebrow treatments.

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          • Nail Treatments

            Sit and unwind with our relaxing luxury manicure and pedicure treatments, which include a warm luxurious hand or foot soak, file, exfoliation, cuticle work, mask and massage, finishing with your choice of colour.

            Luxury Manicure with Gel £28.00
            Luxury Manicure with Polish £23.00
            Luxury Pedicure with Gel £30.00
            Luxury Pedicure with Polish £25.00
            File and Polish £9.00
            Gel Nails on Hands £15.00
            Gel Nails on Toes £15.00
            Gel Nails Soak Off £5.00

            Enjoy our effective and relaxing care treatments, brilliant for maintaining natural hand and foot health.

            Hand Care (40 mins) £16.00
            Foot Care (45 mins) £20.00

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            • Massage Treatments

              Relaxing Swedish Back, Neck and Shoulder (30 mins) £25.00
              Relaxing Swedish Full Body (60 mins) £40.00
              Deep Tissue Back, Neck and Shoulder (30 mins) £30.00
              Deep Tissue Full Body (60 mins) £45.00
              Express Massage (15 mins) £10.00

              Our quick-fix treatment concentrating on any area of the body, brilliant for maintaining healthy muscles and reducing tension.

              Full Body Exfoliation (30 mins) £20.00

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              • Male Treatments

                Sports Pedicure (60 mins) £26.00
                MAN-icure (60 mins) £24.00
                Detoxifying Facial (60 mins) £40.00

                Re-energise your skin with our detoxifying facial, giving you that new squeaky clean feel. Includes a deep cleanse, exfoliation, massage and mask, finishing with a refreshing tone and moisturise. All products are personalised to your skin type.

                Deep Cleansing Back Treatment (30 mins) £20.00

                Our cleansing back treatment will help to clean those hard to reach areas. With a polishing exfoliation, hydrating moisturise and customised back mask, it will leave you with a brighter, smoother, healthier skin.

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                • Facials

                  Pamper your skin with one of our personalised luxurious facials. A deep cleanse followed by exfoliation leaves your skin feeling smooth and rejuvenated. Then follows a deeply relaxing facial massage and customised mask, ending with a refreshing tone and moisturise, revealing a radiant, clean complexion.

                  Luxury Facial (60 mins) £27.00
                  Luxury Facial (30 mins) £19.00
                  Express Facial (15 mins) £10.00

                  The express facial is perfect for a quick fix before special occasions, creating a lovely smooth clean surface, brilliant base for makeup that lasts all day and night.

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                  • Holistic Treatments

                    Hopi Ear Candelling (30 mins) £15.00

                    Hopi ear candelling is renowned for its extensive healing properties, drawing out impurities and relieving pressure in the head and sinuses.

                    Hot Stone Massage Back, Neck and Shoulder (30 mins) £28.00
                    Hot Stone Massage Full Body (60 mins) £45.00

                    Indulge yourself to one of our therapeutic hot stone massages, treating any tension and stress sending you to a place of peace and relaxation.

                    Indian Head Massage (45 mins) £30.00

                    Our wonderful Indian head massage concentrates around the shoulders, neck, scalp and face, helping with anxiety, headaches, insomnia and joint mobility, leaving you with a feeling of well-being and stress-free.

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                    • Children Packages

                      Treat your children to our kid’s treatments (up to the age of 16), whether it’s for fun or relaxation.

                      Princess Facial (25 mins) £14.00

                      Including cleanse, exfoliate, massage, mask, tone and moisturise.

                      Popstar Pedicure (35 mins) £14.00

                      Including foot soak, file, exfoliation, moisturise and choice of polish.

                      Magical Manicure (30 mins) £11.00

                      Including file, exfoliation, moisturise and choice of polish.

                      Funky Fingers File and Polish (15 mins) £7.00

                      Parents must give consent and be present when the child is having the treatment.

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